NUWEJAAR/NEW YEAR – Rosh HaShanah vir joden en die wêreld/for Jews and Nations

It is stated in the Book of Kohelet that there are “times and delays/oomblikke en tye/itim uzmanimעיתים וזמנים”.

The statement is evident! We can not scroll up and down times and delays but thjey seem to unscroll from some invisible Will or Hand and to unveil the present. Today, it is possible to store some images, words, speeches, sayings: human beings who passed away maybe kept if not stored in our cameras, so many tools and also our cellphones or mobiles. Still, when we look at some of these images of the past – whatever recent or remote past – we feel it is over, it will not come again. Even the most common elements stored by cameras that have been a part of our lives seem to be totally out of age and “delayed”.

Ramadan is now over. By the same day, the jewish community and Israel enetered in the new Year 5771 of the Creation. It does not mean that the Jews celebrated the anniversary of the Creation day, i.e. the first day and the “enlightenment” that rose from the Divine word: “Yom echadיום אחד = the first day/die eerste dag”. There is a misunderstanding between Hebrew and the tongueso f the Nations: in Hebrew it is not spoken of the First day, but of the DAY ONE, the day that was full, in total and whole, holy plenitude and fulfillment.

We hardly can comprehend the existence of such a day because we never can grasp to our very “one day” but count our first and last days of human beings and souls. Our consciousness is restricted, framed if not fenced by the sustainance of such “times” that imply we, as humans, have open eyes or breath. Jewish New Year is in fact the anniversary of the “shaping of Adam” and this corresponds to the sixth day, when “all things have been completed (yikhluיכלו)”. The world is thus like a “kallahכלה = a bride” that is definitely and substantially connected with and married to God. This fulfillment passed through the “collapse” or sleep of Adam, because he could not find a mate, a soul mate, a human person who could totally communicate with him/her as a male/female individual.

The creation or rather shaping of humans is an anniversary, it is the common living memory, capacity to memorizing and reflect our thoughts, consciousness that we are in this world and that the primal light of the ONE DAY/EERSTE DAG was superseded by our alertness and awareness that our days may make sense. Nothing can prove such a statement. Our experience, as humans, is that tragedies pass, earth quakes and crashes, human accidents, psychological or physical diseases or mishaps. This is why the Jews say “May past year be over with its curses and may new year start with all its blessings”.

It is so difficult to explain that, from the very beginning of the creation, everything was done to lead to “unity” and “fulfillment” and in this “one day/één dag” that we hardly can envision. This is very comparable to the One Language of humanity. Babel can either be “(state of) confusion – mebulbal” or “the gate/bab to God/E בבלl”. Unity is the only goal of human races and peoples.

Each time human beings reach some sort of unity, they clash and split, need to cut and get broken down. Segmetns are then stronger than any feeling of universality. It can even be a real “sin”, because faith, life, destiny never can include or accept any principle that would bring us to quake and clash, be scattered. It is said in the Bible that humans have been scattered all over the surface of the planet. Nonetheless, this “scattering” is not meant to show a split but, on the contrary, to witness to wider unity on long distances and “wireless at the present.

September/October have be kept in the Church as the special time of autumnal renewal of the year. Times of “judgment”. Because the Sumerian civilization did not know about Spring Day in September in South african, or also in Argentina, Australia…! All through their exiles, the Communities of Israel have always prayed as referring to the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel/Eretz Kanaanארץ ישראל, ארץ כנען). It imposes a rhythm that is “universal” as it encompasses all races and nations, tongues and speeches toward and in Jerusalem.

Is it a dream for some irreal unity? The more we have the techniques to reach out to universality, the better we segment ourselves into small entities, chilly and scared or framed tribal attitudes: nationalisme, phyletism in the Churches, mini-autocephalous Churches, boxes of matches for remote dialects and languages and then we call to the only One God, safe He is with us alone!

Ludwig Zamenhof was a Polish Jewish specialist of Yiddish and an ophtalmologist! He clearly saw the insane cultural splits and hatred that affected his home town of Byalastok and Warsaw where he spent his life. He created Esperanto, an international “Lego-like” language, depicted as “more logic than human thought”. It exists and it was and is still widely known in the Eastern countries, the former communistic ones. Retired Cardinal Vlk of Prague used to speak Espranto with me and wrote me some words on his book 20 years ago! We continue in Jerusalem…

I do respect human beings and souls. This is why I celebrate in hebrew of course (national tongue in Israel), but the “symphonic” aspect of the Church is shown in these numerous tongues. I always celebrate in Ukrainian, not because I am from that country. Ukrainian is definitely shared by most former Soviets in Israel and it is the local Esperanto for ex-Soviets that sometimes were at pains with Russian. Moreover, it allows to cool down the old hatred and enmity that estranged Jews and Ukrainians, gathering them together in a rare spirit of forgiveness and peaceful coexistence in Israel.

New year is also liturgical on September 1/14 for the Eastern Orthodox Churches, in particular in Jerusalem. Cycles of praising, praying to the Lord of the Universe should allow us to seek more wisdom and unity in these new times and delays.

av aleksandr (Winogradsky Frenkel, for my South African blog)

September 14/1, 2010 – 6 Tishrei 5771 – 5 SHawwal 1431

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