The Price of Blood

The event that happens right now inside of the IMF and on the  American territory concerns all of us. It occurs when the International Monetary Organization is embattled, as precisely a financially regulating and control system, in the various ups and downs economic collapses that are found in different countries of the world. In various ways, the organization is trying to uplevel all the multiple corruption elements that are developed in our modern societies. From Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and many other countries it should be stated that the general rules governing equity and decency are raped in the financial conduct of the heads of States… and Churches at times.

Is it the fact that I really pay a lot of respect to the “man of state” as I had to meet with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, just after I had worked for Roger Fauroux who had a totally different and theological approach of politics, politicians take the risk to be exposed to all sort of depravations, corruption that exist, to begin with the classic sex and money abuse of businesses. it is a fact that “political” carrière includes a lot of risks. I have had the chance and still do in this country to meet with a lot of “politicians” or people in search of how t oexplain their actions, define them, sometimes to say evident lies or to hide miseries. Normal politicians have ups and downs. In this regard, DSK’s personal way is typical.

I would refer to something else. At this point of the “pre-indictement” process launched against DSK in full accordance with the Laws in force in America and in the State of New York, the way the procedure is handled is quite similar to the ways President Katzav, Pres. Weizman, Min. Ramon Alon, but also a lot of rabbis are treated in the state of Israel. This is striking and evident. The French cannot understand such an open attack toward one of the top-ranking political director of the Monetary Fund. Ehud Olmert and now Avigdor Lieberman are under strict control of the Israeli Police and they have been subject to constant control in a ways that, from the begin of the procedure till the end, is rather similar with what happens to DSK. Israel, at this stage, shows a full solidarity with the Legal rules that governs the State of Israel and though it has been and is a real shame, Pres. Katzav has been removed and about to be sent to jail.

If we read the process of indictment wrt Moshe Katzav, it is clear that the women and esp. A that had accused him of rape and harassment do not appear and maintain their accusations seemingly without any possibility to be contradicted. But Israel has chose the clearance of such problems. They have been pending and existing since ancient times and they explain the fall of both Kings David and Solomon.

I then discover that one of my “contacts” because I had been alerted by her books about her relationships with her father, Tristane Banon, whose mother is also a renown Socialist deputée, had claimed, 8 years ago, that DSK had wanted to abuse her. The mother had required total silence from the daughter who still mentioned the event in one of her book. This is a little milieu and Tristane was the friend of DSK’s daughter Camille…

Good enough! When he arrived in Paris, cardinal Lustiger decided to create a special center where the whole of the political sphere could come and pray together so far the ywere in the Roman Catholic Church. The group is definitely not framed. But it should be noted that indeed, new “evangelization” requires to give to guidelines to the political world and rather small group of personalities. A world of war and short-term friendships or cooperation. Competition is everywhere. It is like a chess game all over the map. The intuition of the cardinal of Paris was to give the opportunity to the politicians to try to consider their tasks as a service, if not a service of God… Many do understand that. The same move could have been developed in the realm of Judaism, Oriental Christianity and the other beliefs. On the other hand, when the cardinal celebrated the funerals of late French President F. Mitterand, he looked as some “Zorro” he liked to be compared with that could finaly save the politica lsystem “bec. I /he used to answer/ am nowehere a canditate to anything”!

This is how I came to work for a society “MultiSens” and the first socio-cultural European survey company as Survey Director. But this milieu is quite good at twisting things up and down. Ethics in politics should also consider the possibility to comprehend how treason and rebelling can “slaughter” a politician who can be innocent.

I do not see, in any breaking and other news any sense of “ethical conduct” or approach as cardinal Lustiger, today Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and numerous other hierarchs should cite in order to take time and reflection on facts and not speculations.

There might be an American complot, who knows? But when Tristane Banon comes out again with her affair, backed by her mother (a Socialist deputée!) on the first day that DSK spent in jail… we measure that the great challenge of political life is holiness: yes holiness and not sinking or drowning int o swamps of violence post-unity.

It would definitely not be easy here to set up a polical group of reflection for the Israeli politicians. Some exist. But the cultural background is not the same. At least, here, things are clearly defined as regards trespasses of all sorts.

Av ALeksandr (Winogradsky Frenkel)

May 17/4, 2011/7519 – 13 Iyar 5771 – 14 Jumada al Thani


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