Book Of Common Prayer In Hebrew 1841

Book Of Common Prayer In Hebrew 1841

In 1841, the Anglican Church appointed Bishop Solomon Alexander Pollack, a native of Tauroggen (Prussia then a part of the Russian Empire) as the first Jewish-born and Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem in a very complex political and religious context. He translated the Book Of Common Prayer into Hebrew. He was assigned as the general Anglican pastor, but indeed developed a small Hebrew community. The translation refers to traditional Rabbinics just as the Russian Orthodox translation published by the same time). The Anglican Church stopped having Hebrew services in 1947. When he visited Jerusalem some years ago, I took the liberty to draw the attention of the present Archbishop of Canterbury on the fact this “translation and backgrounds” were significant for all of us.

Father Lev Gillet lived in London during World War II and he took special care of Jewish refugees from Austria. Some of them became Anglican and used to participate in the services composed by the Jewish-born Anglican priest D. Levertoff. Fr. Lev was singing in the choir. He then wrote his famous book “Communion in the Messiah”; In the book he described the services but also wrote a specific chapter – definitely new for the Orthodox Church – about the “Dialogue with Tryphon” and the necessity to review and change the opinion of the Church toward the Jews. Qurbono_anglikani_sofi

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