I put again the nice interview that has firstly been published in the O.C.M.C. MISSION MAGAZINE, interviewed realized with Fr. James Bernstein from Lynwood-Seattle, Dean of the parishes in Washington and Alaska of the Antiochian Patriarchate in the United States.

The intriguing point is that we never met in person. He contacted me after he saw my first website that I launched some 14 years ago when I was appointed at the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem to develop the presence of Hebrew and Israeli culture and language and take care of the Orthodox faithful in Israeli society.

Again, those wh owant to support can donate via O.C.M.C. Everywhere in the world, they are present and donations are tax-deductible… In fact, I consider it is a honor to be an associate member of this inter-Orthodox North American Organization. It means that an official movement, recognized by all the hierarchs of the Orthodox Churches in the United States have accepted to back my actions and respectful service in Israeli society.

The interview is still very actual and even if things change, the fundamentals and realities of my service are going on. I could set up different things and it is very interesting that I never was stopped serving the way I do; on the contrary, in times of changes, the way becomes a sign of what Jerusalem should be for the Church and the faithful.

Here is the link: enjoy and hope beyond all hope!


OCMCmag-Fr Alex12-07

av aleksandr (Winogradsky Frenkel



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