The blessing of Lights

Times to switch on the Lights.

Times to think that we were born, give birth to children, will birth from generation to generation. Times that show how much humans can seemingly be cupid, self-centered and still complain they are not taken into account. A year of shaking and quaking months will end according to the unversally recognized or accepted or current calendar. The Jews are in 5772, the Muslims entered 1433 recently. The Christians swings along different mesures: 2012 to come or 7520 for the Orthodox Christians.

The measure of time can be lengthy, short or broad, extending or compacted, eclipsed.

From Jerusalem, Hanukkah is a special feast. Some Jews would not accept to speak of “the dedication” of a Temple that would erroneously be considered as a political conflict. But the Temple, its construction and destruction are also a part of the spiritual path of the Christian world: Jesus taught in the place, he showed some violence and removed the merchants. He said it is possible to destroy the Temple and he would rebuild it in three days.

In Jerusalem, we are exbiance or Stimmung”pecting lights. Lightning and kindling candles of all sorts everywhere and for any purpose.

Hanukkah and Nativity are not times for children alone. Yes, people can feel so sweet, tender, lovely and loving; some need love pathetically. We need the “ambiance or Stimmung” and then… hope needs to be nurtured by the dynamics of some unexplained but real Divine Presence.

But at the heart of the Feasts, there is more: our commitment to openly witness to the Presence and reject idolatry, remove the idols and the vanity. To choose the personal and interior fight and spiritual combat to loving, sharing and rejoicing. Because there is this Light and its flickers along tiny days into times that we cannot envision and that are a part of destiny and responsibility, commitment to live and not to die away.

In January my new article will be published in the journal of the Franciscans of the Holy Land whose title is in French “TERRE SAINTE”. Those who read French can appreciate the work done with passion and zealous care by the editor, French journalist Marie-Armelle Beaulieu. She loves this region and walks ahead of her life there as so many do. You can join and ask for the review.

Blessings be upon all, and may it reach out till the ends of this world and enhance, sustain all the living into a world of creation and good.


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