New portions of time

Many of you visit my blogs, Facebook page and my website “”. and you express your support. I need you to carry on an Orthodox Jewish inter-confessional presence here, ONLINE. MANY UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS RARE. IF YOU UNDERSTAND THIS DAILY ACTION, PLEASE GIVE AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.


Many Internet surfers co,nsider that in the virtual world things are free, that it does not cost anything to write, share and often it turns to a real difficulty to respect “property, rights, copyrights”. My ministry is official and got the official blessing of the head of the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem and subsequently of other heads of Churches.


A priest is a constant “beggar”, but he collects funds in order to build something that is very difficult to measure: spiritual growth, groups, reflection, sharing, lecturing, creating, in my position a permanent connection among and between “all over the map” multi-faceted individuals, groups and denominations, creeds and religions.


We are less than few to write daily from Israeli society and in Hebrew, Yiddish and the various languages used by the Jews and Christians in Israeli society while fully respecting the Arab world.


I know that some people can donate. Others would not. Money is also the mirror of what we think is a sign of our “power” or “control” or “goodwill”, what the French call “bon vouloir”.In the Church or with regards to religious purposes, there cannot be any kind of “competition” and this is also a sign upon which we shall be accepted or rejected.


Once a year, especially on the capo d’anno (turn and head of a new portion of our sharing life time together), I consider it is a must to tell you that; it also allows to show that you do care for the existence of a Hebrew part of the Church inside of the Holy Land that cannot be opposed to any Arab or Palestinian realm. We are together.


To date, the site is visited every day by people speaking numerous languages and living in 124 countries!

Donate online via the website “””. On the home page, click on” Donate”. “It is secured by Paypal. You will receive a receipt / wishes and blessings!



MY AMERICAN FRIENDS ARE MOST WELCOME TO MAKE DONATIONS TO THE O.C.M.C. ORGANIZATION, “” to my “Winogradsky/Jerusalem Ministry” or “WINOGRADSKY/JERUSALEM MINISTRY” ON CHECKS AND SEND TO OCMC, P.O. Box 4319, ST. AUGUSTINE, FL, 32085-4319. Orthodox Christian Mission Center is more assisting my direct pastoral activities in Hebrew society in Israel.”.


Thanking you in advance,

May the Lord let you grow in all your being far beyond what you can imagine, if such is His goodwill, amen!

Av Aleksandr (Winogradsky Frenkel)

My name on the door of my cell at the Greek Rum Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the 3 scripts: Greek, Latin and Hebrew.

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