The Path To Eternity – Terre Sainte (November-December 2012)


This link gives access my article to be published in TERRE SAINTE, the review issued for November-December 2012 on “The Path To Eternity”; it deals with the the fiftieth anniversary of the Vatican II Roman (Ecumenical) Council and the consequences for the Church of Jerusalem at the present. The review/French version is published on a regular basis by the Franciscan Custodia of the Holy Land (Jerusalem) and is directed by Marie-Armelle Beaulieu.

Le concile Vatican II fête ses 50 ans,
le renouveau du dialogue oecuménique entre
les Églises orthodoxes et catholiques aussi.
Comme la Terre sainte aspire à la paix,
la communauté chrétienne aspire à l’unité.
Une question de temps ?

Archpriest Alexander Winogradsky Frenkel

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