Ex Argentina lux

The news came quite quickly. A new Bishop of Rome and Pope of the Roman Catholic Church who is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos-Aires, Argentina. The 21st century opens a line whereas to the election of a South American prelate and a Jesuit!. It should be noted something that has not been noticed for the moment: Argentina is a new cradle for the people of faith. There is a real similarity between the stepping down of Cardinal Liubomyr Husar, former Archbishop Major of Lviv of the Greek Ukrainian Catholics in L’viv and the fact that his successor is Cardinal Sviatoslav Shevchuk, who also since 2009 was the Bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Buenos Aires (Argentina)! This shows something rather amazing or providential; it should be noted that the new pope has close ties with the Jewish community and that lots of Argentinians are both of Sephardic descent and from the Slavic (Russia) countries, many settled in Israel and the country is a vivid place for both Ladino and Yiddish.

Francis I is also a Jesuit; It is mentioned that he had refused some 8 years. Such are the sayings. On the other hand, it should be noted that late Cardinal Carol Maria Martini of Milan had also been proposed and this is known. He was also a Jesuit, retired in Jerusalem till he had to return to Italy because of his health. One should read his last declaration to the press that had caused some trouble.

The Churches of the original Pentarchy are quite renewed these days, also in Jerusalem. It is incumbent upon them to open the Gates of Redmeption to the multitude.

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