Israel 65′

רבות בנות עשו חיל ואת עלית על כולנה

65 years! 8 millions inhabitants. From wilderness to building farms, industrial centers, getting crops, fruits, food, competences and skills, villages, cities, outside in the country-side, from the North to the “Dead Sea that is in fact the Sea of Salt”, back to Beer-Sheva. Reviving a language which constitutes a unique major kind of miracle and sounds like a true resurrection of souls, uniting factor beyond 500 parlances and tongues and the capacity to express so many diversities. Old and new, layers of all sorts of cultural backgrounds and new tendencies that come together though split by history, hatred, estrangement, fears and indeed a true desire to reach out to the others. I belong to a generation that was born with the State of Israel, surviving the harsh extermination of mines. This year I got aware that I have no “blood family/parentage” (except the house I founded with my wife and two children; this is not the same though of course great). It cannot be real because generations spread over the world. Due to the age of my parents (would be 110 this year), there is a gap. On the other hand, memory tracks back to the time of the pioneers and the First aliyah that arrived from Russia, due to fluent Yiddish, Russian, Ukrainian and other cultural traditions that got home here. My grandfather (Hasid/Chariton) died in August 1914 at Nikolayev (125 km from Odessa) at the age of 42 years old. He had sponsored the return to Zion. He would certainly not have thought of what exists today. There is no reason why I am alive right now. No reason to be born, no reason to simply being alive. This year is special because 65 is definitely not a dead/life line per se, but I shall turn 64 in the coming days according to the Jewish calendar (Iyyar 14) – May 13 (Common calendar), i.e. on the civilian eve of the birth i of Israel. This is why my eyes see what my ancestors and parents, parentage and the whole of our families have not seen. In this view, there is a mitzva/commandment, duty to be a witness and to give thanks because this is hardly understandable and surpasses myy personal conscience and existence.
Many Israelis suffer. I am not in sufferings. Indeed, I had and have my lot, but life is stronger – just as love – than anything. Many suffer on the Jewish side because the State is not truly recognized, hostility is constant, many would day to day desire the eradication of the State, mock it and still use it to the full. Some Israelis regret the spirit of the first years after the independence, criticize the attitude of a State that would tend to be more theocratic and “exclusive”; such opinion can be expressed freely. Critics are always welcome in a nation on the spot and on the build, a true laboratory made of contrasts, strong and powerful connections and ruptures. In fact, a lot of things allowed the development of the “embryo” to reach its 65th anniversary. Days, years pass but something evolves.   Others – especially the non-Jews – are like blind, opacity is the main attitude and it spoils conversations, relationships. Some would not understand the “quick passing” from the Memorial Day or Yom HaZikkaron for the soldiers and civilian people who were killed from the year 1860 onward (this should be correctly understood) to the Independence Day. Some do not recognize the day. But it definitely marks the transition from slavery to freedom and the resurrection of something that is still a part of the mystery. Many Israelis, born in the country, are totally convinced that the reality of Israel cannot be challenged: curiously this line with the full traditional attitude of Jewishness. No word from the Christians. And – dedicating my life to pardon, forgiveness, fulfillment of some atonement beyond words to be uttered – I am a part of them. It is far too early, far too early for the Christian bodies to really be able to accept the Jewish and Israeli Jewish newness. It is on a borderline, a situation that of course leads to contacts and relationships – this is evident. it keeps the line of incommunicability… not fencing, “in-communiability” because the root of the word refers to “communicate, communion”. “For all, “We have no other Land” sounds a point of separation.Tonight, the Christians quarter and the Old City of Jerusalem is incredibly quiet, silent. Not the silence of rejection, no even of a protest. Silence of some shock. Nobody could even imagine that there would be a Jewish Israeli State and administration over the Holy City. In many ways, people are even shy. They try more and more to join the Jewish and Israeli shops and way of living. Contacts are not easy, confidential. This is why we have to be good. To be real “mentchen/וווילע מענטשען “. Just good, nice and always rejoice because at this point life and resurrection mean something else: it leads to the One beyond uniqueness. Patience. Things only start.I often say that we have to meet in 200 years from now. And God willing we maybe told by then what will happen. Hope, hope beyond hope is the usual style. Let’ be patient and act with wisdom.

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