Lights of Jerusalem 2013 – 3

The Festival continues after the Shabbat, a bit later, one hour later because people have to start working after the Shabbat. It started at 9.30 pm. this Shabbat night. The same: increasing and growing number of visitors from all over the country. The young Arabs definitely come, buy coffee, corn, ice-creams and try to get into contact with the Jewish Israelis. This is a reality that develops each year. People would not speak of that. Also, there are pregnant women everyhere, the summer will be “birth birth birthing”. The local slogan and pattern. Russians came from Haifa and visited the Holy Sepulcher, they stayed because they  want to see the feast. People from Beersheva who have been here for 20 years and only come / climb up to Jerusalem for the feast. Intruiguing to them. All speak very spontaneously, the contact is like a glimpse, glance: come and goes. There are those who said they would come and those who said and do not come. There is a certain versatility in these days of high and very sensitive hamsin/sharav or dry desert wind.
A lot of pious religious Jews, friendly this year, nice. Also people that had met at the feast, or the young Orthodox woman woman legally works in Israel, is terribly attracted to stay in Israel and waits for the local boy-friend and still does not know what to do. The Arab restaurant owner in his wheel-chair, nice, who is at home and still has been saved in an Israeli hospital, has an Arab assistant and perfectly speaks Hebrew. The only clergy to be seen, just in between and avoiding any contact with the people in general are passing around 7 o’clock then “disappear”. The  feast is indeed a unique opportunity to see how the society evolves. In the Christian streets the shops are all open. Protest against the Establishment, yeah, but still, as all say “this is a rare occasion to “earn some money” and there is a nice atmosphere. Indeed.  Ongoing till Thursday,

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