Allilous Prayer 1


I intend to put on each week some short prayers in Hebrew and other languages, after the Byzantine and Semitic Traditions with some common references to the Jewish Traditions.

This prayer aims to alllowing a regular and recurrent connection with the needs and requirements of the faithful I am taking care of in the Israeli society. It appears that a lot of people want to pray in Hebrew throughout the world. This is my office and vocation in the Church, especially in the local Church of Jerusalem.

On the other hand, over the years I never accepted to limit the scope of languages to hebrew or any other tongue: whereas Slavonic, Greek, Aramaic, the native languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and other speeches. I always welcome all the speakers thus faithful from all over the world, whatsoever race, language, origins, backgrounds, cultures.

In Jerusalem, the service of the Indivisible Church is still pregnant and assembles all possible layers of human communities, whatsoever dialogue is possible, tight, narrow or even apparently impossible. We are both diachronic and synchronic and this also projects us into the ages to come.

On Saturdays, I shall try to develop a special prayer for the departed in accordance with the Eastern Orthodox Churches and all the Congregations: our faith confesses that , in a way that we do not clearly see for the moment, God unites as His Body in Christ all the living and the dead in the communicayion and communion of the Holy Spirit.

In this event of Satuday mention of the living and the dead, the readers of my blogs, sites may kindly make a donation [via my site “”%5D, showing their real support for my ministry.

Protopresbyter Aleksandr (Winogradsky Frenkel)

av aleksandr


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