Allilous Prayer 17, Dec. 6/Nov. 23, 2013 – 7522”

Allilous Prayer 17 – Let’s pray for the whole world and for the departed, those who have been killed in wars, in Syria, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Sinai, Egypt, Arab Peninsula, Gulf Emirates, Iraq, Iran and everywhere in the world. At the Golgotha we can mention the repose of Nelson Mandela and pray for the South African peoples. And may we supplicate for the release of the Syrian nuns from Maaloula, the two abducted Bishops, peace in Sinai and for the Patriarchate of Sinai, in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. And for decent business, ethics, morals in business and economics and politics [Hebrew, Slavonic, Greek, Aramaic, Arabic, English, Romanian, Afrikaans].

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