Allilous Daily Prayer 23, December 14/01, 2013 – 7522

Allilous Prayer 23, general prayer and memorial for the departed; for the sick, the injured, the victims in the Middle-East, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Sinai, Iraq (Baghdad), Iran, Egypt, Ukraine and South Africa and in the whole world. In Hebrew, Greek, Slavonic, Aramaic, Latin, English, Arabic.

“Allilous Daily Prayer” will also appear every day, so far it is possible on YOUTUBE and you can subscribe to this playlist of mine.

As we pray, we intercede, it means that we really make of us true offerings: it is not possible to only write or say “yes, I will pray for you”. It implies each time, in all possible circumstances, that we leave something of ourselves each time we pray. We quit ourselves and get more. This sounds strange, but while abandoning something that we ofte ncannot anticipate or determine accurately, we gain some share of this unique feeling that He is alive, and sustains life beyond what we can expect.

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