Allilous Daily Prayer 37, December 31, 2013/January 1st, 2014/7522

Allilous Daily Prayer 37 by protopresbyter av aleksandr (Patriarchate of Jerusalem) for a blessed New Year 2014 (Gregorian and civilian international) in Hebrew, Greek, Slavonic, Aramaic, Arabic, English.”

ברכת שנה אזרחית ובינלאומית און א גוט יאר

Blessed New Year 2014!

Vandag ·
There are so many “rendezvous” with time, periods, years: all sorts of calendars. In Jerusalem, they are overshadowing so different splits and cover layers of deep human unity. Here is the challenge that overcomes all human forces and powers, all wills to rule or use of might. 2014, good, but it will start in 13 days for most of the Oriental believers in this post-Ottoman region. Day after day, we do not survive, we overcome, not only fences or stubbornness: we mainly overcome ourselves; we do not maintain, we conquer over time, space, prejudice, hatred and even love. Blessed new year 2014.” (only click if you intend to give :)…


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