Allilous Daily Prayer 46, January 12, 2014-7554 / December 30, 2013”

Allilous Daily Prayer 46 by protopresbyter av aleksandr (Patriarchate of Jerusalem) on the prayer for this Sunday, Sunday after Christmas (Julian cal.), Peritomia/Circumcision of the Lord on Jan. 13/1 and feast of Saint Basil the Great, for all those who suffer; in Hebrew, Greek, Slavonic, English, Romanian, Arabic, Aramaic.

For thos who speak French, please scroll down: before returning to Jerusalem on January 23, I shall give a lecture at the Romanian Patriarchial Cathedral of the Saint Archangels in Paris on “the Church of Jerusalem : realities and prospects”. You are welcome if you are there on that day and city.

יום א’ און א שיינעם זונטיק י”א דשבט תשע”ד – Приятного дня Воскресенья 12-ого Января 2014752230-ого Декабря 2013 – Sunday, December 30, 2013-7522 Januarу 12, 2014-7522. Rabî Avval 11, 1435
Sunday, December 30, 2013 (7522)
Gregorian calendar: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Sunrise: 09:04; Sunset: 21:12 as observed at Jerusalem.
No fast.

Sunday after Nativity: Saints Joseph the Betrothed, David the King, and James the Brother of the Lord; 29th Sunday after Pentecost; Tone IV

Afterfeast of the Nativity of Our Lord
✺ Virginmartyr Anysia at Thessalonica († c. 285-305)
✺ Martyr Zoticus the Presbyter, Nourisher of Orphans (4th C)
Martyr Philaret of Nicomedia and those with him († 311)
Venerable Theodora of Cæsarea in Cappadocia (8th C)
Venerable Theodora of Constantinople (10th C)
Apostle of the 70, Timon the Deacon (1st C)
Martyrs Paulinus, Birus, Ombrius, Sebirus, Callistratus, Florence, Arian, Anthimius, Ubricius, Isidore, Euculus, Sampson, Studius, and Thespesius
✺ Holy Hierarch Macarius, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia († 1563)


Matins: Jn 20:1-10 (§ 63) [Matutinal Gospel 7]; (29th Sunday after Pentecost);
Liturgy: Gal 1:11-19 (§ 200); Mt 2:13-23 (§ 4); (Sunday after Nativity).

מאת אתר חב”ד
Birth of the “Chafetz Chaim” (1838)
Birth of the revered Torah scholar, pietist and Jewish leader Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan (1838-1933) of Radin (Poland), author of Chafetz Chaim (a work on the evils of gossip and slander and the guidelines of proper speech) and Mishnah Berurah (a codification of Torah law).

Chumash Parshat Yitro, 1st Portion (Exodus 18:1-18:12)חומש פרשת יתרו, חלק א’,
Psalms Chapters 60-65ספר תהילים פרקים ס-ס”ה,
Tanya Likutei Amarim, beginning of Chapter 20תניא ליקוטי אמרים
Rambam 3 Chapters, 1 Chapter, Sefer Hamitzvot

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