Don’t fear, don’t be afraid – אל-תירא – не бойтесь!

ידידים, בימים הקשים האלה נתפלל באמונה ”חזק חזק ונתחזק” לכל בית ישראל והגר הגר בתוכם. С праздником светлым Свв. славных и всехвальных первоверховных апостолов Петра-Каифа и Павла-Саула. всех благ всем. A peaceful time for all Eretz Israel and all those residing in the Holy Land. Blessed Feast of the Sts. Apostles Peter-Shimon-Caiaphas and Paul-Saul and the whole Body of the Church.
Full Moon today over the Fertile Crescent. Indeed, a crescent that is fertile and embodies in some curious wise the whole of the human destiny: archaic sites, but these are present all over the world, on all continents. Full Moon over Jerusalem, not the “City of peace”, but as we say in Hebrew and also in Greek “ירושלום και “των Ιερυσαλημων” (of the “two dual Jerusalem), i.e. the City of Peaces, peaces from above and the peace from below, as mentioned at the entrance of the celebration of the Kol Nidrei (All the Vows) on the day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.
Happy feast of the two major Apostles recognized by all the Church: Peter who was also Kaipha (Aramaic) and Shimon-Simon son of Ionas, as referred in Matthew 10, 10 and who confessed Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah, not according to the will of blood and flesh. The very same name as the first priest Shimon Bar Iona who celebrated anew in the restaured Temple at Jerusalem after the exile in Babylone. Babylone, a city of perdition, abomination, but also the cradle of human consciousness that may err, wander, swindle to and fro, – Babel-Bavel = בבל as “confusion” and we do say in Hebrew “מבולבל”  – “confused, swirling, split in miknd and thoughts”. This often happens at a lower level in the days of full moon, when both men and women can have their mood or ev en slightly lose their mind and balance.
Jerusalem: the ancient, historic and pre-historic as also the meta-historic kernel and very heart of our humanity so far men and women can be humane. It does not track back to some 10 000 years ago. Long long before, as pre-historic humans were drawing exceptional models of their environments, the ancestors did fathom their reality that remains our heritage and the first in-born insights of who we are. Before any coherent sound, language or written signs could be memorized, long before any clear awareness of the existence of the Most High, Master of the Creation and of the Universe.
The Saint apostles Peter and Paul are the columns of the Church, of the Early Church indeed, thus also calling all of us to be aware of the other Apostles and first heads of the local Churches from Jerusalem of Bishop James (Mar Yaakov -Mar Yakub), to Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople and Rome. The successors of saint Peter and Paul met recently in Jerusalem together with the successor of Saint James/Jacob. They reminded us of the existence of the possible entrance into the Empty Tomb of the Lord Jesus in Jerusalem.  This cannot be denied to any soul. They went together to the Golgotha.
We all in Jerusalem cry out to the resurrection as a Divine Providence share by the Father in Heaven: the Jewish communities have it daily with the blessing of the Lord of Universe Who resurrects the dead. There are layers of understanding of this confession. Between Jews and Christians and among the Christians. On the day of the Gregorian/Western feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the two Hierarchs from the Church in exile or outside of Jerusalem or expanding till the ends of the world and the universe did meet. This was a very sort “instant”, paving the way to getting to the core of all the questions that do exist between the cradle Church born from the Roman Empire.
They were not lonely or gathering the fulfilment of the Church as being the Body of Christ. Today, we understand that their meeting was and is essential, it is a tiny moment that is further reaching out to all the existing local Church bodies that proclaim the reality of the Reign of the Father because He gives life, sustains life and maintains us all in life and grants us some conscience, understanding, beyond times of transgressions and mistaken wanderings.
Today, at the end of the Shabbat Pinchas, the Jewish community walks ahead to the fast day of the 17th of Tammuz on July 14 at night that commemorates the seizure of Jerusalem by the Romans and commences the three weeks of morning leading to the 9th of Av (on August 4-5th, 2014) and the “memorial of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem”.
Again, the Empty Tomb at the Anastasis (Church of the Resurrection) and the Temple Mount (הר הבית ובית המקדש – Mount of the House, Mount of the Most Holy Place/Sanctity). The “Temple was and remain invisibly “alive, living” according to the Jewish tradition. This thus means that our measures of times and delays are not under our control.
Everything tracks back to most ancient times. Times before we even could understand how to think or formulate or reflection. As written in the Jewish Tanya with much insights, the reality of coherent speech does not rely upon understandable physical evidence”. It derives from a capacity that supersedes our own capacities.
There are times when the humans seem to be in need to lose their balance, showing that coherence and human stability is a true miracle. Imbalance and lack of equilibrium in society my also show when we are in sensitive moments of the pangs of birth. Don’t be afraid, fear not – אל-תירא!
ав александр – av aleksandrאב אלכסנדר
Foto: ‎ידידים, בימים הקשים האלה נתפלל באמונה ''חזק חזק ונתחזק'' לכל בית ישראל וגר הגר בתוכם. С праздником светлым Свв. сдавных и всехвальных первоверховных апостолов Петра-Каифа и Павле-Саула. всех благ всем. A peaceful time for all Eretz Israel and all those residing in the Holy Land. Blessed Feast of the Sts. Apostles Peter-Shimon-Caiaphas and Paul-Saul and the whole Body of the Church.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 ав александр - av aleksandrאב אלכסנדר‎

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