9.11.2004: Death of Pope and Patriarch Petros of All Africa in a Crash

Memory eternal to Pope and Patriarch Petros (and his companions) who died in a helicopter crash as they where flying close to Mount Athos ten years ago. It is important for all of us to share and know that the Church is wide, broad, long-spaced through the Earth and this is the profundity of our task: to put all the nations, tribes, races, peoples of all languages together: A Greek hierarch over all of Africa, where so many “clans, tribes, iks, nations, languages, dialects, speeches” are used, here commemorated by the South African English (not only)-speaking community of Saint Nicolas of Japan (indeed!) at Brixton-Johannesburg and its blogging deacon Steve Hayes (“Khanya.wordpress.com”). Our task is to widen, always make larger, deeper this mystery of the Lord who gives and takes and still maintains us, hold us together. Social networks allow this sharing, subsequently it brings us to more than liking, but learning from each other as we are born to and for – from faith in the Only One and His Only-One begotten Son. The Spirit waves and fies as and eagle (Hebrew word – merachefet/מרחפת) to steeple over continents, time and space and unite us in Eurcharist. The Church of Africa is huge and at times so tiny. She is broad and still tribal, not only black or white or coloured. There is a temptation of “singletonness” while today the situation at Alexandria is definitely not evident, too many hardships.
Laat ons alle bid en geheug Patriaarg Petros en all wat met hom gesterwe is, wand Christ het opgegaan, waarlik het opgegaan en lewe gee vir ons één lewe van bo tot hier en weer to eeuwig lewe.Amen.


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