Who will ascend/מי יעלה

Times are special. Times of confusion. The problem is not to show some “partisanship” or one-sided or one-minded direction or preference. I put on yesterday night as I got the news, the breaking news that FBfr. Yehudah Glick, had been shot as he went out of the Menahem Begin Institute located opposite Mount Zion. I immediately put on the reaction of FBfr. MK ח”כ ד”ר רות קלדרון – Ruth Calderon, who is a mild person, quite open. This is to mean that Yehudah Glick is indeed a “rightwing activist”, but he is a nice man to begin with, he is kind. Of course, this would sound a bit either strange, bizarre if not more to a lot of people right now. This is why one can speak of full confusion.
The “Har HaBayit/הר הבית” is the very special place for the Jews that settled the “Mishkan/משכן” that they brought after they fled from Egypt, were given the Oral and Written Law(s) at the Sinai and entered Eretz Canaan. King David, then King Salomon, subsequently Herod built, rebuilt reshaped the Temple or House of prayers for all the nations at different levels. Till the House that “was alive” got destroyed.
The Jews had no access to the Temple Mount from the time of the Independence of Israel. In 1967, it was thus a great shock and joy that, for the first time in history and after centuries of ban if not curse (from the part of the Christians and the Muslims), the IDF returned to the Temple Mount. Rabbi Goren, IDF Chief Rabbi, put a scroll of the Torah into the Western wall. The place was waste, dirty, narrow. On June 28, 1967, the question was raised whether to allow or not the sacrifices. Moshe Dayan then sat with the representatives of the Muslim WAQF and “handed them back” the “spiritual control” of the square (where the two mosques are located). They were stunned. He did this in a unique decision taken in all history because the Temple Mount only is accessible for the Jews if the Jewish community can purify the place according to the Jewish rules. Purification did not take place as for now.
On the other hand, the Jewish prayers have been constantly referring to return to Jerusalem, to the heart of the City, rebuilding the House of The Presence of the Lord and assemblying all the exiled in Zion. Any bar mitzva boy should be able to directly reconnect with the Service of the Temple because it is “visibly” absent but surpasses time.
Over the more than 4 decades, I saw how things evolved. The process is definitely normal: at least, there is a right for the Jews to visit the place to some extent, not due to the Muslim or whatsoever rules, but after the traditions of Jewishness and the reality of Israel as gathering in Jews and non-Jews of all the nations of the world. The Arabs (all denominations and creeds) cross in front of the Western Wall) and there is a full freedom to come and go there as also it has been for the Mount, provided that the Muslimn authorities agree or not to let non-Muslims visit the holy sites.
Yehudah Glick first wants to have access to the Temple Mount. Many Jews and Israelis do visit the site and it is normal. The rebuilding of the Temple has been a growing “longing” and some ustensils and vessels, priestly clothes or incense have been developing along the decades. The question is “who is first who is last and the first will be the last and the last will be the first”. There is a dynamic and revolving movement in history.
Let’s pray for the recovery of Yehudah Glick and may some insights abide our minds, souls, bodies without partisanship or exclusion. We ought not to judge a situation that only begins to move on. נצפלל לרפאותו של יהודה גליק ובשורות טובות למשפחתו. ושלום עלינו ועל כל מגורי ירושלים. אמן.

Av Aleksandr Avraham se foto.
Av Aleksandr Avraham se foto.

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