Jerusalem 2014-5775, Let’s Pray For Each Other

Things are not evident: on the one hand, faithful are basically to be considered as “believers”. There is not only the Pope over the whole world and if he condemns a terror attack, good but it is a bit “formal and still isolated”.

No word to be heared from the Russian, Romanian, Serbian and European and US and Canada, South American Christian Orthodox leaders.

Some pilgrims returned home from the Holy Land “transfigurated” and without making any comment on the attacks and murders committed against the Jews and Israelis, would say some word about the Arabs, but they are kept and away from the reality by the tours themselves and remain silent. Some Church leaders paid a visit this morning to Har Nof, among them Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem, Archbishop Aris of the Armenian Patriarchate, the Latin Patriarch and others. The Druzes are not in the same situation.

They pay a high price for being faithful to their Israeli identity and citizenship. The other Christians are trained to gather for the sake of peace and justice, but they do not utter any word of sympathy when it comes to the Israelis and the Jews per se. It is obvious that we all long after peace and justice, esp. if we mix all in all and nough.

The Christians has antagonist interests with regards to their relationships to the Jews, the Israelis, the Arabs, the Palestinians and the foreign structures (European consulates and external involvements). No doubt that, individually, each of the representatives have very contrasted reactions. Locally, they hardly show empathy with the Hareidim (!!!) and Israeli Rabbinate – rather interested in the way the presentday authorities would safeguard their identity and presence in the country of Israel… Human too human… love, peace and love and let each be, but who knows God’s projects…,

Av Aleksandr Avraham se foto.
Av Aleksandr Avraham se foto.
Av Aleksandr Avraham se foto.
Av Aleksandr Avraham se foto.


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