Holy Thursday/יום ה’ הגדול 2015-5775

These photographs are more than important for those who believe and those who doubt, don’t believe, are deceived or cheated by the Church, by the splitting among the Churches, by ignorance, mutual disdain, jealousy, hatred. How come that we live on the place where the Lord Jesus followed his way, went around, passed between and through the crowds, still not that much known at his time, things must be clear. Here are the pictures of the Holy Oils given as the Mystery of Good rejoicing for the healing of the sick, those who suffered, are in jail, naked, poor, live in dire conditions. Holy Oils cannot only be shared among the few “chosen” ones, the “happy few” and these can be so singled out and broken into pieces with sweet words. No, the Church, the priest because together with the bishops and the whole of the faithful have to bear these Mysteries of life-giving beauty, of pardon, of shaking and dancing as the bones have been scattered away. Then I have the dream that in Jerusalem as in all the Churches, one first should bow down in hospitals, prisons, streets, rich and poor together, all races, all tongues and speeches, bow and smell the good smell of the oil, that can reach out to all. Because in a mortal man (basar vadam/בשר ודם) born to die God called him to resurrect to reinvigorate each soul and body. The “nonsense” turns the world into a real sense and common sense, a real way to much more than Who we think to see but the One Who sees us and also call us to oversee what and how we receive His Presence. (c) Ioannis, Holylandphoto.

Av Aleksandr Avraham's photo.
Av Aleksandr Avraham's photo.
Av Aleksandr Avraham's photo.
Av Aleksandr Avraham's photo.
Av Aleksandr Avraham's photo.

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