‎Bethlehem 2015 – ܒܝܬ‌ܠܚܡ 2015 – בית לחם 2015‎

The Assyrian sequence for the Bethlehem miracle of the Lord taking flesh. “Birth” means to be born, a woman bears a child, shaping in her womb the son or daughter of man and woman’s seeds of life, the sacrament, mystery they are entrusted. Who can understand what happened two thousand years ago, in the kingly city of David, the House of Bread and Flesh, food and nurture, the House of joys and rejoicing, good tidings and new ways to be opened which means that billions and billions of years and seconds, months and seasons have passed and reached to our generation. We say in Hebrew “בשורות טובות – besurot tovot” as “bashar” means Gospel and Evangelion in Arabic and the good news overcome human destiny. This year (2015) ends and we do not recall at the moment the 100th anniversary of the three genocides (Armenian, Assyrian and Pontic Greek) that took place in the region of revelation of redemption to the whole of our home globe. We keep silent as along the millenia the harsh killings of those steadfast witnesses in faith and life were turned to nil. Death, where is Your victory, and you who think you are true believers, where is our faith? Where do we step down to the bottom of nil and emptiness to raise up just because the Lord and only the Lord can save and protect, bless and sustain, nurture and take care. Let us all remember this year as a memorial – a living and forward sprinkling memorial for life and hope and may the Lord find us all being good toward each other.
“Prepare, O Bethlehem,
Eden is opened to all.
Be adorned, O Ephratha,
for the Tree of Life,
In the cave blossomed forth from the Virgin.
Her womb has become a Paradise,
Bearing in truth the fruit divine.
If we eat of it we shall live,
And we shall not die like Adam.
Christ is born, to raise the image,
which had previously fallen.

Av Aleksandr Winogradsky Frenkel's photo.
Av Aleksandr Winogradsky Frenkel's photo.

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