News from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Appointments and updates)

News From The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Of Jerusalem

The following decisions of the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, taken on May 15th, are important. New bishops, which is normal at length and as time passes. One notes that some archimandrites, being appointed bishops, have to leave their functions at the patriarchate (this is the case for new Abp Aristovoulos who has been the leading choir conductor for years and the voice in many things. He is to be sent to Jordan as acting archbishop of Madaba, while Archim. Innokentios who was in the place is assigned at the main shrine of Madaba and does not become a (arch-)bishop.

On the other hand, Metropolitan Benediktos of Philadelphia (Amman, Jordan) is assigned to the East Bank shrine while a new leader is sent as Archimandrite to Amman, Fr. Christophoros becomes archbishop of Kyriakoupolis and patriarchal representative of the GOP in Amman.

Note there are no bishops, directly archbishops at the GOP of Jerusalem!).

Note also the enhanced position of Abp. Aristarchos of Constantina, Secretary General of the Greek Orthodox patriarchate of Jerusalem who also becomes patriarchal Commissioner.

Moreover, the disappearance of Met. Hesychios following the affairs revealed by the Greek Australian Commmunity newspapers. On the other hand, the Ecclesiastical Court is entrusted to Abp Theophylaktos who was in Bethlehem, but more likely to Archim. Galaktion who is an active member of the Church.

One important change is the appointment of Abp Philomenos (who was at Irbed, Jordan) as the head of the Monastery of the Cross. Fr. Klavdios is finally sent to Karak (Jordan)… at least away from Jerusalem.

The new appointments clearly show to quit the period of late patriarch Diodoros and the assignments made along the decades on which the executives impacted on the life if the patriarchate of Jerusalem. It also underscores that new clergymen are to be in Jordan, either because they are sent away from the headquarters, or in order to ensure a real spiritual assistance.


On Tuesday May 2/15, 2018, the Holy and Sacred Synod chaired by H.H.B. our Father and Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos decided the following;

  1. Designated Archimandrite Christophoros Archbishop of Kyriakoupolis and Patriarchal Representative in Amman of Jordan.
  2. Designated Archimandrite Aristovoulos Archbishop of Madaba and Patriarchal Representative at the Shrine of Madaba in Jordan.
  3. Appointed the Most Reverend Metropolitan Benedict of Philadelphia Hegoumen of the Shrine of the Lord’s Baptism at the East Bank of the River Jordan.
  4. Designated Geronda Secretary-General Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina with the duties of the Patriarchal Commissioner.
  5. Appointed Archbishop Philoumenos of Pella Head of the Holy Monastery of the Sacred Cross in West Jerusalem.
  6. Appointed Archimandrite Raphael Patriarchal Representative in North Jordan based in the town Irbet.
  7. Appointed Archimandrite Polykarpos Sacristan of the Basilica and the God-receiving Cave of Bethlehem.
  8. Appointed the Most Reverend Archbishop Theophylactos of Jordan President of the Ecclesiastical Appeal Court with Fr. Galaktion and Archimandrite Mattheos as members.
  9. Appointed Archimandrite Euphrosynos Hegoumen of the Greek Orthodox Community in Haifa.
  10. Appointed Hierodeacon Eulogios Deacon in the Metropolis of Amman.
  11. Appointed Priest Nikolaos ministering Priest at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  12. Appointed Archimandrite Klavdios Hegoumen of the Greek-Orthodox Community in Karak of Jordan.
  13. Appointed Archimandrite Innokentios Head of the Metochion-parish of the Greek Orthodox Community of Main in Madaba of Jordan.
  14. Appointed the Hegoumen of the Holy Monastery of the Shepherds Archimandrite Ignatios also Hegoumen of the Community of Beit Jalla.

From Secretariat-General