The Sacrifice of Graces, Forty Years

Forty years and a wedding on January 19th, 1981. A very special encounter with my wife, first visiting the sick – then on the Kinneret, because of a work I made with late Rabbi Léon Yehudah Askenazi (Manitou at the Eclaireurs Israélites de France) in Jerusalem. The marriage was celebrated by Mgr Jean-Marie A. Lustiger, then Bishop of Orléans. He arrived and in the sacristy, he looked at me, breathed deeply and said “pray for me. I will be here in a fortnight”. The celebration was in French and Hebrew as the future archbishop had asked me to write (compose) a specific order of prayers for a small group of Christians, mainly Catholics, of Hebrew backgrounds. Most of them did not speak or read Hebrew, but it launched something. It came out in 1989: “
Le sacrifice de louange, fruit des lèvres qui célèbrent Dieu – Proposition de prière pour les communautés hébraïques de l’Église catholique – Alexandre Abraham Winogradsky – Préface du Bernard Dupuy – Louvain ; Paris : Éditions Peeters, 1989 (““).
A long way began. Mgr J.M. A. Lustiger came to Paris on Feb. 2, 1981 on the feast of the Encounter, Presentation of the Lord in the Temple of Jerusalem. Forty years and now a quarantine. There are times and delays. Time to measure the Breadth, the Length, the Height, and the Depth of God’s selfless love. Things are to come up and slowly out. My wife and I make a “Sacrificium” of our lives for the sake of a unity that would sound “utopic, donquixotesque. Thirty-forty years is a trendy duration. Because the efforts of faith and our poco di fede style cannot lead to villainy, but to cure and to build. Silence leads to a moment when it is meaningful to speak and to bless, not to curse.

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